do u wna build a snowman?
this is the little monster i babysit, and we just finished watching frozen for the tenth time.

08/04/2014 tuesday 15:03

i had the most delicious lunch. yummy piri piri rice, chips and paneer! now i feel like eating the burger we ordered from there. I feel guilty for eating so much but hey, rome wasn’t built in a day!

i’m watching we bought a zoo with the little girl that i baby sit. she’s a handful, keeps running everywhere!

see you soon!

really cute blog, hope this all goes well for you!xxxx
- Anonymous

thank you sunshine, first asks are always the best!:)x


Nothing left to lose only so much to gain. | via Tumblr on We Heart It

Stay strong!

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08/04/2014 tuesday 10:44am

guess what i had for breakfast? 4 thorntons chocolates. and now my stomach is hurting because i’m in desperate need of actual food but there isn’t any food in my house that’s breakfasty. I’m just going to drink a ton of water until lunch because my sister said she’ll order some piri piri rice and chicken and paneer <333

now i’m watching home alone 4 with the little girl i babysit.

see you soon!

heres a selfie so you know who i am also i have that moustache for real, maybe i was born with it, maybe its maybeline??
((xcuse me))